Zeina Alabaster Oval

Introducing the Alabaster Zeina Collection - a fusion of elegance and rarity! 
Sourced from Egypt, alabaster is a captivating material revered for its scarcity worldwide. Formed over millennia from the deposition of calcite minerals in sedimentary rocks, alabaster is extracted from quarries using intricate methods, making each piece truly unique and exceptional. 

Crafted in three distinct shapes and available in four sizes per shape, the Alabaster Zeina Collection offers versatility and sophistication for every space. Each wind light is a one-of-a-kind gem, showcasing the natural beauty and allure of alabaster. 
Every piece is unique, so all items are different than on pictures. If you have any preference, please send us an email and we can select specifically for you. 
  • Small H7 CM 
  • Medium H10 CM 
  • Large H15 CM 
  • Extra Large H20 CM 
White tones 

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Zeina Alabaster Oval



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