Elevate Your Space with Thoughtful Interior Design

Transforming your house into a genuine home is our passion at The James. Whether it's a complete interior for a new build, the rejuvenation of your living area, or adding a touch of radiance to your kitchen with new lighting, we specialize in curating the perfect elements for your space.

Our forte lies in sourcing distinctive pieces that seamlessly blend the old, the new, and the unique, resulting in a harmonious and personalized décor that truly reflects you.

Package 1


I'll meet you in person and guide you trough a tailor-made color consultation, crafted around your desires. Colors can bring a space to life and amplify it's character. With a focus on lighting and how the space is used, I ensure that the right colors accentuate strengths and create a harmonious ambiance

Advice including home visit (2 hours) €250
Every subsequent hour €70 excl. VAT

Package 2


Join us on a special on-site adventure where we explore creativity and opportunities together. During this 2-hour session, we'll dive deep into your wishes and ideas. We'll explore the space, uncover its potential, and with my expertise, not only provide color and styling advice but also spark a real source of inspiration.

  • Unveil the possibilities within your space
  • Detailed color and styling advice
  • Creative solutions and tips for the perfect finishing touch
  • Live sketch of the layout on the spot Ready to bring your space to life

This exciting session, full of great opportunities, is priced at €275.

Package 3


Start your transformation journey with an on-site meeting. I'll carefully listen to your ideas and wishes. From there, I'll create a personalized mood board with a full color and material palette. If needed, I can re-imagine the layout and provide smart solutions, always considering the potential of the space.

Once you're excited about the concepts, I'll select the right furniture and accessories to create a cohesive look. After our meeting, I'll give you a customized plan, so you can make your vision a reality.

Once you have the plan, we can go over the details in an online meeting or discuss them in our showroom if you prefer.

Inclusive Features:

  • A mood board that resonates
  • Thoughtfully curated colors and materials
  • A layout that works well
  • Vivid visualizations of the concepts
  • A blend of inspiration, solutions, and tips

Pricing starts from €650

Prefer a personal touch? I can also present the plan directly in your home for an additional fee of €70 per hour (excluding travel expenses).

Elevate your space with the essence of soulful treasures and the creative skill of interior design. Your journey to a harmonious and captivating home begins here.

Package 4


When you're not sure where to begin and need detailed assistance throughout the entire process, from generating ideas to arranging the space, choosing materials, finding storage solutions, planning lighting, and paying close attention to styling, we've got you covered. This comprehensive package includes everything you need for a personalized experience

  • A mood board that resonates with your vision
  • All-inclusive color and materials plan
  • A carefully planned layout.
  • Engaging and elegant visuals
  • An illuminating lighting scheme
  • A treasury of inspiration, solutions, and tips
  • A tailored shopping list with expert recommendations.
  • Personalized room styling with tricks of the trade
  • A detailed on-site walkthrough of the complete plan.

Pricing starts from €1000,-

Sometimes, we might need a few conversations to make sure everyone's on the same page, especially if people have different preferences. Don't worry, it's all part of the enjoyable process. It might take a bit more time, but it's a delightful exploration of your unique style and lifestyle. Embrace this journey, and let me be your guiding support. I'm here to help, and for these extra meetings, the fee is €70 per hour.

Discover your unique style and breathe life into your space with our most all-inclusive package. Your dream interior is within reach.

Package 5


At times, understanding the desires of both residents requires multiple conversations, particularly when preferences between partners differ. Embrace this process without hesitation, for during this exploration, both partners will create their individual mood boards to clarify their tastes.

These personalized mood boards are powerful tools in this journey. I'll lead the way, skillfully merging your unique aesthetics into a serene and cohesive symphony. Your interior will resonate with both of your distinct personalities, resulting in a charming fusion.

For any extra sessions or extended efforts, there's a fee of €70 per hour. Witness the harmony that emerges when opposites attract and styles intertwine.

Package 6


Navigating discussions with carpenters, contractors, or kitchen builders, and ingeniously strategizing solutions for potential obstacles or adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances – it's all part of the journey. Challenges are my playground, where creativity thrives.

For a fee of €70 per hour, I'll accompany you through the twists and turns, ensuring your plans emerge stronger than before. When life throws the unexpected, we'll transform it into an opportunity for innovation.


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