Meet the Minds Behind The James: Crafting a Treasure-Filled Journey

Founders Hanne and Vera's journey intertwined in the world of fashion, where their paths met with a shared vision for a new adventure.


A seasoned designer for international premium fashion brands, embodies creativity from the core of her being. With an innate passion for interior and exterior design, photography, culinary arts, and the art of uncovering hidden gems, she draws inspiration from a mosaic of cultures worldwide. Her transition from fashion to interior design was sparked by a yearning for more direct connections with customers. This led to the beginning of The James, a space overflowing with curated treasures, born on October 29th, 2022, in the heart of Haarlem.


A long-time collaborator of Hanne's had a role in shaping their shared journey. Her affection for Haarlem began during her studies, and her move to the city was motivated by a desire for a balanced life. As a mother of three, Vera looked for a new way to merge her organizational skills with her entrepreneurial spirit. Haarlem's streets seemed to offer the perfect mix of work-life balance. This collaboration resulted in the creation of The James, a place where treasures come to life, each with a story to tell.


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