Farid Tamegroute Plate Half Glazed

Indulge in the unique allure of our Tamegroute Half-Glazed Pottery. 
Handcrafted in the captivating village of Tamegroute, these pieces offer a distinctive twist with their half-glazed design. Each plate or bowl features an artisanal touch, with one side revealing the natural clay texture while the other boasts the characteristic moss green glaze. 
As with all Tamegroute Pottery, expect each piece to be wonderfully irregular, adding to its charm. In the ovens the pieces are stacked together which causes little scars which in turn make each piece so unique.  
No two plates or bowls are alike, ensuring that your table setting is as individual as you are. 
Embrace the beauty of imperfection and add a touch of Moroccan allure to your dining experience with our Tamegroute Half-Glazed Pottery. 
  • Small D 22CM 
  • Large D 32 CM 
White and green 

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Farid Tamegroute Plate Half Glazed



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