Farid Tamegroute Bowl Oker

Experience the artistry of Tamegroute Pottery from Morocco.  
Handcrafted in the enchanting village of Tamegroute, each piece is lovingly shaped by hand, showcasing the region's distinctive moss green and oker hue. Fired using ancient techniques, these pieces emanate warmth and character.  
In the ovens the pieces are stacked together which causes little scars which in turn make each piece so unique. 
With slight variations in color and texture, each item is a unique testament to its artisanal origins. As one of the last stops before the Sahara begins,Tamegroute captures the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship and culture. 
Whether as a striking centerpiece or functional tableware, our Tamegroute Pottery brings a touch of desert charm to your home. Embrace the magic of Morocco today.  
Each peach is handcrafted and unique in its irregularities. So, all sizes and color vary to above pictures and measurements. 

D 15 CM 


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Farid Tamegroute Bowl Oker



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